Pentel Mechanica MEC 0.3 (probably the lowest price you'll ever see from here on out)

Get it!

(especially considering the current exchange rate)

what was going on here?

251000 for a MEC 0.3?

edit: MEC 0.5 of course … I forgot that the color scheme is not ISO.

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I’ve seen some truly wild prices lately on pieces you’d never imagine would pull those kinds of numbers.

I saw a recent thread on Twitter where these high school and college-aged kids were discussing minor variations in the MEC sleeves; I suspect this one was a very rare 0.5 :woman_shrugging:t5:

It was definitely that valuable to someone. For most of us, I suspect, we’d love to own a 1st gen MEC 0.3 with the unique grip markings. Anything else even for the rarest 0.5 is… whatever.

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my first thought was that the card has to be a dedication from the Pentel CEO or sth like that :smiley:

a rare sleeve variation … ok … but in this auction definitely rich college kids were involved :wink:

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