Pentel Mechanica 0.5 and Pilot H-3005

Can’t believe I pulled the trigger on these two, but the exchange rate is too good to ignore:

I’ve pretty much gone nuts since the end of August :woman_shrugging:t5:


I still need to get a Mechanica 0.5.

I have purchased 2 MEC 0.3mm this year from different generations. Neither of them had the case or accessories, other than one had the sleeve.

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I would prefer to have boxes for both, but that’s only because I want the original trinkets like the golden “badge,” the clip, and the pouch.

I also trust the condition more when everything inside the box is intact.

It’s kind of goofy, though, considering my pencils live in The Toolbox™ anyway :joy:

I would have preferred that as well, but I bought these in lots, and the two cost about as much as the one you are looking at.

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That’s amazing—it’s pretty awesome to score any MEC for ~$100, let alone two of them!

Aaaaand I just added a Mechanica 0.3. Absolutely chuffed over the current exchange rate :hugs:

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Sounds like it’s time for you to pull the trigger on the QX.

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:joy: Man, that one just doesn’t do it for me—ESPECIALLY at higher prices than anything with an etched grip.

I’m tempted to drop ¥33,333 on a Technomatic, but I’m pausing because it’s [1] more expensive than the MEC, which absolutely doesn’t compute, and [2] the design doesn’t elevate it enough to hit that $200+ mark for me. (I may still do it because I’m a degenerate, but that’s a different discussion.)

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I can create a category for that discussion. :wink:

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That clip design on the Technomatic is a 20,000 yen discount in my book. Minimum.


Here’s a technomatic for ¥28,000. It’s a little beat up, but the price really has significantly dropped for this particular model. Insane.


Weird—Buyee won’t let me buy from that seller :woman_shrugging:t5:

Buyee bans certain sellers who have a track record for drama, returns and disputes.


To make perhaps those not too long in the “business” crying: I looked up my price records for Technomatics. A while they were significantly below 10kY – someone sold a dozen or more, and he/she showed the whole storage starting from the 1st auction :wink:

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