Pentel have got to be kidding

Someone is really proud of their German Graph… and it’s not even a Zeppelin.


I don’t think I own any Pentel paraphernalia with German on it.

This won’t be my first.

Someone needs to tell him he’s dreamin’

I see ridiculous listings like this on Mercari all the time. You know some knucklehead thinks he’s gonna make his rent payment off one pencil (that’s usually worth about $60).

Not just Mercari. There is the $399 P115A Red grip on eBay.

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90% of mercari, yahoo and ebay pencils offers are ridicolous in my opinion.

this one from the seller would be a good offer for me, if the text would not sound like a defect.

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I think a lot of the Japanese listings on eBay use an app to suggest pricing. I’ve seen strangely similar pricing on rather obscure pieces from different sellers.

That specimen has some nasty gunk on it; it’s not natural, and it’s certainly not a “clean” piece.

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