Pentel goodie for sale

Here’s a PG15 currently for sale, found through Mercari. Overall, it appears to be in tip-top shape. Only thing missing is its sticker.

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Another goodie. This one, a Scepter.

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That Scepter does not appear to be a Sterling Silver, and if it is the Silver Plated, then it is way over priced.

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What’s the giveaway? Clip shape?

Man… these were like, 15,000 not that long ago?

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Yep, total bummer here. I’ve noticed quite a few pieces jumping from that 10,000–15,000 range into the 25,000 range since the beginning of the year :pensive:

Both the Gold Plated and the Sterling Silver had text around the middle band saying 24Kt Gold Plated (or whatever) and Sterling Silver on that one. I don’t have either of those to see exactly what is on there, but the Silver plated (of which I have 4) do not have anything on the band.

You can see the text in the Pentel book.

Yes, Knockology got organized and we started running up the prices. :slight_smile: