Not one, but two Pilot H-5005's up for bidding

Look at these beauties… with all the stickers and the boxes as well…this one is going to break the bank.


Do you think these will actually sell for that price?

The perfect calibration on the tip after the first knock :drooling_face:

No, I think the price will no doubt double, if not triple. I mean it has both stickers and the box. I estimate around 9k… but I hope it’s a bit cheaper :upside_down_face:


As far as I know, Buyee won’t let you go over ¥200,000 on a single shipment, so these auctions are not “open” to American collectors :pensive:

If it’s not Mercari, you don’t need to use Buyee, although at this price, they would be far cheaper.

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I guess that’s true. At this point, anything else seems like a hassle.

Plus, I can’t justify these right now. Still convincing myself to pay $600 for a Pilot Automatic :joy:

I agree on the estimation of at least 900k each. I think I have never seen a boxed one (but I am not sure, because I don’t appreciate boxes so much).

Price history (not complete of course) 51010, 61020, 53010, 100000, 501000, 820000, 928926, 550000, 900000, 519121


high sales volume today at YAJ …

2 times 1 MY and other high-priced items.

What was this? The pencil is described as defect?

Did anyone here took ?
If yes: maybe we were interested in different items and can come to a deal?

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Those etched Tombows had some issue with internals, possibly due to the use of lubricants or just shitty lead degradation.

Basically, the clutch jams up with residue, and then the lead won’t advance. This has been the case on both of my specimens so far, and the symptoms were identical.

This particular model—with Pilot-style executive tip—comes in matte black, gold, and silver, and silver is the most rare of those (hence the price).

Yes, but this particular silver one was described as trashed (part moving) …

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