Next Buyee shipment by the numbers (with highlights) 🧐

  • 73 pencils
    • 19 Pilot
    • 10 Pentel
    • 6 Mitsubishi
    • 5 Tombow
    • 12 Colleen Jib
    • 1 Staedtler
    • 3 Platinum
    • 2 Ohto
    • 1 Sailor
    • 1 Kokuyo
    • 13 Other/unknown
  • 38 separate packages/purchases
  • ¥164,983 total item price
  • ¥9900 Buyee fees
  • ¥2396 price per pencil, excluding YAJ shipping and final shipping

Highlights include:

  • Mitsubishi M5-300 diamond cut double-knock
  • Colleen Jib short double-knock with grooved joint
  • Mitsubishi M4-1052 with round price sticker (very rare)
  • 4 short Colleen Jib double-knocks with patterns I don’t already have
  • Pentel Orenz Limited with transparent barrels (all colors)
  • Pentel P125 green with original 1980s sticker
  • Colleen Jib “racing stripe” double-knock in blue
  • Tombow SH-500W double-knock with price sticker
  • Pilot Switch ¥2000 variant with blue candy stripe
  • Mitsubishi M4-1052 with gray axis
  • Pentel ROLLY PC125 with green clip/cap
  • Pilot Sprinter with black grip and price sticker
  • Tombow W-knock with blue silkscreen and navy blue grip
  • rOtring Newton black + gold (still need silver + gold and lava)
  • Pilot Sharpen ¥500 collection (9 colors with OG stickers)

It’s really fun to see some of the items I was looking at (but not committed to) being acquired by you.

Is Austin the #2 mechanical pencil place in the world? :rofl:


The Pilot SHARPEN lot is a great catch!


I thought only 4 colors existed. When I saw this listing with 9, I knew I had to have it :star_struck:

The big cities for pencils are:

  • Tokyo
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Austin :joy:

I always thought the ‘lightest yellow’ was a discolored white. But seen in a group shot it is a legit cream or ivory. My parallel interest in pens is giving me extra pains in knowing there are matching capped Laureate rollerballs out there… somewhere. :joy: