Nestler Kaliber

There was an ebay listing for a Nestler Kaliber with no bids

I would have taken it, but I have to add to the acceptable item price the shipping and customs cost (each ~20€), so in the end it appears too expensive for me.

I guess the seller is still willing to sell.


That is an interesting piece. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before.

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Never heard of this or seen one before. I wish the seller knew how it worked so he could extend the guide pipe! That pencil looks like a double-knock, but I gotta see it in action.

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At least the pipe is retractable P1060088 | Nestler pencils | 2nd_astronaut | Flickr

IIRC you have to slide down the clip to extend (or was this to extend the rubber? – sorry) …
But I am quite sure that it is not an Automatik pencil in the sense of auto-advance.

Is this your collection?

Whoa, and are these double-knocks?

Honestly, I’m gonna have to elevate your collection to Top 5 status between this group and the subreddit:

  • Raybonche (Ray Lau)
  • Cytherean (Gary ?)
  • Drifand (Kelvin Pang)
  • 2nd_astronaut

Who is fifth?

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Maybe, but I dunno. @2nd_astronaut has a dizzying collection of high-end pieces and longtail delights. I knew he had some killer vintage pencils, but frankly, I had no idea his collection was so extensive and so rich with sought-after specimens.

Based on this, I figure there’s gotta be a few more guys in the subreddit (like the dude with reindeer in his name) who have collections that could easily rival mine.

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Yes, those are Double-Knocks. And yes, it’s my collection (for many sought-after Japan pieces it’s helpful to have started collecting some years before the massive price increases).


I’m just eating those price increases like a dummy.

It’s kind of hard not to and they likely aren’t going to go back down.


Prices definitely aren’t going to drop in any meaningful way.

I agree, that the prices won’t go back. So (if you accept the absolute amounts) there is no reason not to buy. And of course the prices at YJ some years ago also felt not cheap, only in retrospective they were :wink:

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