Knockology website question

When we make posts that include external links to sites like Yahoo auction and Mercari, is there a way to cache them, if with nothing else but maybe a picture?

Seems like they timeout and get removed pretty quickly.

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The poster would have to be willing to upload a screenshot.


Links should never time out unless the destination website itself is having a problem. (This could be a semantic thing—links can certainly die whenever someone stops maintaining a website…)

If you’re worried about a site going offline at some point in the future, your best bet is to jack all relevant pictures and just re-post them alongside your link here.

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Yes, I recommend just reuploading the relevant photos here. At least that’s what I’ve tried to do on my posts :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, it’s a good idea to do a screenshot of the auction page and then upload individual images that came along with it. That’s one thing annoying about some of the Reddit subs. The MP one won’t let you paste images in comments.

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