Jesus H. Christ 😳 (Sakura Egyptian)

What in the world is going on here?

Did we talk here or at reddit about etched pencils (and the 2 holy grails of those specimen = Ohto and Sailor Egyptian)? If it was on reddit, you know the reason :wink:

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I think it was Reddit. Still floored by the final price, even though I know this is a highly sought-after piece.

Early bidding was so tepid, I thought I was gonna get away with a $130 price tag :pensive:

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Maybe there’s something more to the hieroglyphics? Could lead you to an abandoned warehouse in Alexandria where a cache of Hi-Uni 5050s lay waiting to be discovered.


I was not aware of this pencil since a few months, so I only have some quite recent auction results: 30000, 25000, 19388 (pen), 37500 (convolute), 39800

So the result was high, but not completely out of frame.

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