For Sale - Downsizing the collection

Make a reasonable offer, ask questions.
Postage to pretty much everywhere except nearby Australia will be something like US$20 for 5 - 10 pencils.


Calling dips on the Lamy Vivo/Energy and the Ohto V-Gripper :slight_smile:

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1st image, from L to right is Aurora Ipsilon De Luxe B52, then the one you mention is Franklin-Christoph, Paradox #08 Black + Sterling Silver body, but trims are chrome.


This is where all those unfavorable reviews come back to bite you, Dave! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would still love to grab a couple off of you. DM’d.

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Ahhhh… the truth hurts :slight_smile:

Im interested in the tombow on-book(?) And the ohto body knock.


I am interested in that ohto body knock! Is the grip rubber? Or how does it feel?

Hi Jerry. I have sent you a DM.