Elton's Recent Auctions... (singaporemechanicalpencils)

Elton finally decided to list some pieces at auction on eBay (instead of high Buy It Now prices), and he dumped some seriously great specimens.

Unfortunately, I was the penultimate bidder on the best pieces—a Rotring 700 double knock that went for $140.50, and a Rotring metallic double push in glorious red that went for $64. Both pieces had $12 shipping fees, so I factored that into my bids.

Sucks to miss out on these (and his other pieces); did any of you scoop up the loot?

I won a rotring tikky automatic LS for 43$ and a Mitsubishi M5-55 for about 20$. I forgot to bid on the white Tombow gift (that one I am missing), and it went for ~1$ :-/.

Was the rotring 700 a special double knock or are all 700s double knocks? I need a spring for a rotring tikky double push :-D. I have a red one w/o spring (have to look around at ball points to find a replacement).

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I think all 700s are double knocks—maybe the thinnest ever produced.

Also, I bid on that black-gripped M5-55, but I capped my bidding at $12.50 (+$12.00 shipping) because I’ve seen so many specimens on Mercari in the past for under ¥2500. Glad you won it! These are great pencils; I have the burgundy, green, and pink grips. Still need black, and I have no clue how many colors might exist.

Whoa, are the springs in ballpoint pens the same size as those used in double knocks?? (I’m not a pen guy at all.)

I had a combined sniper action to prevent me from buying the M5-55 alone (with the expensive shipping). Since I won the automatic LS, the snipering continued …

No! Usually the pen springs are thinner, longer and weaker. That’s the reason I have to look around thru pens to find sth. similar.

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