Elton's Pilot Inner Point on eBay

Wow, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one quite like it, but I’m really digging it! I wonder how it would look/feel without the o-rings on the grip. What is going on with the ballpoint looking tip? Almost kind of like an Automac but not auto.



That must be purchased.

Last one there is a rotten egg. :man_running:

I take it that it is actually dark green with black bands on the grip. Right? There are a couple pictures where the colors are different.

Have seen this Inner Point model on YJA many times in the past… averaging 4500-5500 yen. But yeah, those days are over.

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I’m familiar with the InnerPoint series, but like @drifand said, I’m waiting for a reasonable price. Seen too many go for under ¥6,000 to pay $100+.

I hear you, but not sure you have much choice these days because prices are not going to come down. If you wait too long, it’s just going to go higher with time. Reasonable is relative, and let’s face it, $100 these days doesn’t get you what it used to.

Yeah, looks like green bands in one of the pics, but think they’re black.

I would say the same thing if I’d spent $500 on an Evangelion Staedtler :grin:

I kid, I kid—but I also think the Inner Point was produced into the 1990s, and that means there ought to be unsold inventory in old stationery stores or elsewhere.

I feel like we’ve seen a suspiciously low number of these things considering how not-vintage they are.

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I think I have this or a similar Inner Point (but not green). I don’t like it that much. It has a luxury attitude w/o being actually a luxury pencil like Graf Faber-Castell or other.

It’s like the highest Clutch Point pencil. Here I also like the 1k and 2k more than the 3k.

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