Elton must have purchased a giant lot of rOtrings from Germany or something

Because nothing else explains:

  1. The crazy stock of rOtrings he has
  2. rOtrings—especially Tikky metallic pieces—almost never appear on YAJ or Mercari
  3. He’s parted with a few of these for extremely low prices; based on his previous behvior, the only way he would ever do that is if he were still making a handsome profit.

Given this information, I can only assume he found a source that would make my panties wet.

I’d love to buy from a pro European resource, but I’ve never found anything comparable to YAJ or Mercari…

Do any of you have insight here?


(German) Ebay was a better source for vintage rotring, but I didn’t see a large convolut there as potential source of Elton.

So I also was astonished about his large store of Tikkys.


As a long.-time serious rOtring collector, your note is interesting. Who, and where can Elton be found? Just recently a German eBay seller for many years - sadly passed away. I had a good relationship with him. I would ask him for a particular rOtring art # and he would invariably find it in his “stash”. Might take him a day or two, but he would find it. He worked at the rOtring factory in Hamburg from 1970 until 2010 when Sanford shuttered the factory campus. Today I search for the earliest production “tikky” styles from 1978 and 1979. They were branded “fineline” and the very first of their kind had silver painted branding on the barrel – not for long though, as it flaked off just by looking at it!
Nevermind found him: singaporemechanicalpencils