Craft Design Technology S55 on Yahoo Auctions

A White CDT Item 15 (S55) is up for auction starting at ¥2999, if anyone is interested.

I finally have the 3 white CDT Pentels, but I still want the silver Item 23 to complete the Pentel pencil collection.


I highly highly recommend this piece. It’s super awesome in hand and a nice change.


I am interested in this one.


Do you have an open proxy right now?

If you don’t I have one open.


I have an open proxy at ZenMarket.


Is this a special variant for CDT? There’s one in particular I’ve seen, the PEPH1-014W, that looks so much like one offered by MUJI (also in white) that sells for a lot less.

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I have no idea what PEPH1-014W is, possibly the seller’s catalog number? That is the Item 16 from Craft Design Technology. It is based on the PG515, same as the Muji. The Item 15 above is based on the S55.

There are two more CDT Pentels, the Item 38 is based on the P1035 Kerry and the Item 23 is based (I believe) on the A21.


The CDT and Muji versions of the GraphGear 500 are quite similar; the CDT stuff goes for more because the items are numbered and all contain fancy printing.

That’s the product code on the CDT box… But yes, the pencil model number is Item 16.

While much like the Graphgear, isn’t it more than just the white plastic barrel and lettering that’s different? Looks like a different grip as well.

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I did not get a box with my CDT, neither the Item 15 nor Item 16. My Item 38 boxes are packed away.

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as I said before, things come in waves. and since several months cdt item 15&16 appear regularly (different seller than here). so i recommend to surf the wave (i did). before, those “items” were nearly invisible (altho they are old).

however, the ohtos at the moment are no wave, but a kind of grown-up tsunami :smiley:

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