Cheap Early PMG and Graph II

I am almost positive that these are the early PMG and a Graph II pencil.

As shown in the final 2 pictures, they both are molded with the old style Typeface Pentel.

The PMG has the old style clip with the Typeface Pentel running down the clip (not shown, but it does not have Pentel around the band). Plus, it has the Gold Lead Indicator band.

The 0.5mm does not have any text on the body and appears to have the larger font in the Lead Indicator Window, which along with the molded Pentel, are strong indicators of this being a Graph II.

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You have an incredible eye! Unfortunately, the presence of that KIN is going to spoil the bidding somewhat and raise the final price.

I think you’re right about the PMG and Graph 0.5, though!

It was the gold band on the PMG that attracted my attention (although in the thumbnail it looks silver). Then as I was looking at all of the pictures, the Graph II fell into place.

It has been up for several days with no one bidding yet.

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Rapidomatic <3

Sorry :-D. But I still don’t have one.

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You are right, it went for $120+.

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Wow, that is clown show territory! I was thinking ~$85, but $120+ is :clown_face: