Anyone bidding on this Yahoo auction - multiple brands

I am interested in one of the pencils on the left, but that is all.

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I already have a couple of those white-gripped bad boys. Good luck! Hopefully, it doesn’t go to the moon.

Y’all are much earlier birds than me. I’ll look through today’s listings this afternoon and let y’all know what I plan to bid on. This one looks compelling at a glance, but I’m not sure how many pieces I don’t have.

Aight, I’m definitely gonna bid on this for that linueup of Sailor executives. Also interested in the Colleen Jib double knock and the champagne Mitsubishi on the right.


If you win, I would definitely like to purchase one of the White ML5 pencils on the left.


Dammit. My bid of ¥15,000 was eclipsed by someone who is clearly focused on filling out the longtail of their Sailor collection :persevere:

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