Another package is on its way to me 🤗


  • 55 pencils
  • 40 packages
  • ¥167,825 sticker price, ¥20,000 fees


  • Pilot H-3005
  • Pilot capped blue
  • Pilot turquoise double knock
  • Mitsubishi double-knock (black + silver) x2
  • BOXY concept ɑ
  • Tombow Dimple Pro 0.3 (excellent condition)
  • Zebra M-2001
  • Lion No.3430
  • Lion No.3470
  • Newman woodgrain drafting 0.5
  • Tombow Variable 5
  • Faber-Castell TK-matic L silver
  • Pentel ROLLY PC305 green
  • Mitsubishi Pecker GX black

I also focused a lot of energy on obtaining excellent specimens to fill out certain series.

For example, I picked up 3 new Colleen Jib WK-823 double knocks because I learned there were 2 different editions (with different logos). So now I have red, black, and blue specimens with both types of logos.

And the Tombow Dimple Pro 0.3 replaces the not-quite-collection-grade specimen I already have.

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Please show the Colleens, when the package has arrived :slight_smile:
And the Pilot capped …

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